15 Tips For College – From A Senior

I was reading an article on Forbes that inspired me to reflect on the last 3 years of my college experience. I felt compelled to create a quick, three-video series on my YouTube channel in order to remind students of some things I felt were very important throughout each year of college.

Here’s my comprehensive list of 15 tips for college students, from a seniors perspective.

    1. You are not alone. It can feel lonely moving away from home and being out of your comfort zone, but everyone is in the same situation. It’s just a part of the process.
    2. Join a larger group. This will help you connect with others on campus in an environment for people with common interests. It will make school seem less big and scary.
    3. It’s OK to change your major. Changing your major should never be seen as a failure.
    4. Get LinkedIn. Your professional networking journey starts now. Trust me.
    5. Don’t spend all of your time in one place. Try new things and manage your time so that you are involved in a lot and also making time for yourself  (and school, of course.)
    1. Start building good life habits. College isn’t just about good grades and a social life. Use these four years to better yourself and prepare for adulthood.
    2. It’s OK to let go of people. Not everyone will have the same goals and ideas as you. It’s great to have acquaintances and networking connections, but start choosing your crew carefully.
    3. Make an awesome resume – way ahead of time. Here’s why.
    4. Don’t be intimidated by online classes. There are so many different structures and platforms for online learning. This is the future of education. Get onboard!
    5. Surround yourself with people who have the same values as you. Having people in your life whom are on the same page as you will help build your confidence.
  1. Get a part-time job and/or internship, and use it as a trial-run for post-grad life.
  2. Focus on your grades junior & senior year. These will likely be the classes that affect your graduation status. Plus, you will learn way more in upper level classes, so take it all in.
  3. Think about your finances – like opening a ROTH IRA and credit card.
  4. Network and brand yourself. Help employers and connections see you for your true awesomeness.
  5. Take advantage of campus and college resources. You only have four years to enjoy the benefits of college tuition perks. Use them wisely.