Summer Update


Jabil team outing at the Rays game in Downtown St. Pete

This month at Jabil, I had the opportunity to work on lots of exciting communications projects. In addition to my assigned projects, I have been in numerous meetings with the rest of the corporate communications team and have completed various tasks to support the team.

This month, I designed email header templates for the Jabil Deliver Best Practices competition. This is an annual, company-wide competition that showcases Jabil employees from all around the world and awards exemplary employee projects.

I also designed the new social media banners for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for this quarter at Jabil. These are based on this quarter’s theme, the Intelligent Digital Supply Chain. I also created all of the info graphics within the eBook for the Intelligent Digital Supply Chain, and formatted the entire eBook.

Social Media 2-02

Similar to the eBook, I designed, formatted, and digitally-illustrated an internal communications project – the company communications media strategy. Next month, I will be working with the 3 other interns in my department to help create learning materials to support this project.

There is a Jabil company called Green Point. To help potential customers of Jabil/Green Point understand Green Points capabilities, I designed five separate Fact Sheets for global communications on the following topics: Tooling, Automation, Stamping, Plastics, Research & Development.

Some of the meetings I attend have been held via telecommunications platforms, like Google Hangouts. This has been a great experience, and excellent practice for remote work – which is what I hope to do after graduation. Others are held in meeting rooms at the office, and include the whole team. Things I have worked on to support other members of my team include tee shirt designs, slide share (LinkedIn) presentation designs, poster artwork designs with variations in multiple languages, redesigns of certificate templates, and corporate communications photo edits.

As an employee at Jabil, I have had the opportunity to attend various events for networking and continued education. I have been utilizing my resources here by attending Lunch ‘n’ Learn events – presentations during the lunch hour, given by the top executives of Jabil.

The company also hosts charity events to raise money and donate time to help the community. I have attended a handful of these events. In addition, I have been using the available learning platforms, SuccessFactors and Lynda, to learn more about multimedia, design, communications, business, and management. I have also met with various coworkers in my department to learn more about their positions and the paths they took to get there.

Overall, I have learned a great deal about corporate communications so far this summer, and I am excited to continue working at Jabil for the remainder of the summer.



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